Thursday, May 6, 2010

Growing UP!

So all my life, well I am pretty sure everyone does it when they are kids, but I always wanted to grow up, to graduate high school and FINALLY start college. I thought " Life will be so simple". Boy was I wrong. Wow, I mean ever since i graduated its been trial after trial for me haha. Fun stuff? Not so much. It all started about a year and a half ago, okay so i guess a little before I graduated. But My dad lost his job, and had to leave to work in Salt Lake City, WHILE we were trying to sell our little perfect house that has been my sanction for so many years. I tried to be strong for my family, to let them know that everything was going to be ok, all the while not knowing for myself. I was all set to leave for Utah On July 3rd with my Best Friend Christina Wood, who had been there for me, and I her, for the last 7 years. Well besides my dad being layed off and having to sell my beautiful home, most everything was going well. I had awesome friends, and it was about the best summer thus far that I had ever had!! My brother Josh had gotten home from his mission and I was so excited. Well that all changed. On June 19th at about 1 in the morning, i reciever a phone call from Christina, i pressed agnore a total of three times, then listened to the message which said to call her back.. so i did.. she informed me that he dad was in the hospital with a punctured lung. I rushed to her house at around 1:45 am, and She, her brother Jason, and I drove to the hospital. On the way their a social worker called and told us to hurry up, which we though nothing of, we eventually got there and were greeted by a nurse, social worker, and police officer, we were all very confused becuase one of them had Kathy(Christinas moms) purse. They took us in a room and said nothing of Kathy but proceeded to tell us about how her dad, and my stake president was doing. He had suffered alot of damage from the accident, and wasn't in a good state. They had said nothing of Kathy, so Christina asked, "where is my mom?" The nurse said.. "thats what we need to talk to you about.." Christina braced herself, and I immediately knew what was coming.. the nurse continued to say " Your mom didn't make it through the accident" It felt like a movie, noone knew what to say or do.. Christina was heart broken, we sat outside the hospital for HOURS and just cried all night/morning. I got home around 9:30. I crawled into bed to go to sleep and hopeully wake up from this terrible dream that I was in, but 5 minutes later my dad came in and told me it was time to get up, I didn't respond he then said "Jourdan if you are going to be cranky then its not going to be a good day for you" I then couldn't take it anymore.. i yelled out "Kathy Wood died!!!!!" The house fell silent. The woods had been family friends since my granparents, they even hooked up my parents. Kathy was my seminary teached, voice coach, and part mom. The news made everyone cry, the though of losing her was so painful. My heart ached. Now the trick was to try to get over it.. Christina and I still moved to Provo three weeks later. We started a new life. But how culd we forget the old one! Provo, boy what fun! I had some of the BEST roommates ever. A few who are some of my best friends now. One who I know will always have my back :) But the trials didn't stop there.. Now that noone made me go to church what was the pont right? wrong. it seems as though every time I didn't go to church i got sick, or something. I couldn't find a job for the first FOUR months while I was there. It was about time to give up right? wrong again. keep praying I told myself, but that is definitely not what I did. I stopped going completely for around a month. I left all spirituality that I ever had.. I needed that back. One night after a long talk with one of my roommates Kristen, I spilled and broke down. I got a blessing the next day, and talked to the bishop the following Sunday. Life was back on track right? wron AGAIN! Well yes I finally found a job, I was going back to church, I had a boyfriend... well the spirit had different plans for me. I was to move home?? yeah... So there goes all my friends, my fancy job, my own apt, and my boyfriend. I did it though. I figured it wouldn't be that bad. WRONG!! Some of the hardest months to get through. I moved in with my Awesome Aunt Kerry, I was SUPPOSED to be working full time at GAP, however they only gave me about 15 hours TOPS a week... awesome i can buy nothing with that. So i kept looking for a job... a MONTH later i found a job at Subway, so I was to start there asap?? nope. got in a car accident.. Totalled the car, dislocatedm then popped my shoulder back in, bruised the bones in my leg(which i still have), possible tore i ligament in my left shoulder, and got whiplash. awesome. Well so i recovered quite fast i might add and went to work for both jobs. I was to be working at least 40 hours between two jobs.. nope I was working about 28... TWO JOBS AND 28 HOURS? So lame. I however had a man now! Well guess what? 6 weeks later. he is gone. Turns out is wasn't right. I mean better to learn early i guess. I couldn't take it, I needed my daddy :( I moved to Windsor(Santa Rosa) where they moved, and I love it here. I couldn't have asked for a better family. I mean sure I hang out with 15-17 year olds, but they are some of the funnest people ever, all so nice. I thought it was going to be easy to leav, but every time I think about it, I begin to be sad! Haha I am kinda pathetic. I can't EVEN wait to see a few of my friends in Utah though, I mean I am lost without them!! But to leave this place will be even harder than the first time. School awaits though! So many adventures ahead for me! We will see what awaits... :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Utah Bucket List

Okay so, Adrienne and I decided that we were going to do a Bucket List of all the things that we need to accomplish while in Utah. We have talked about most of them, and then my AWESOME future roommate Jen Kirkpatrick put one up on her facebook, and we were all HEY yeah we are going to write ours down.. oddly enough most of them are on hers too haha so shout out to jen!
Okay so here it goes
1) Thanksgiving Point Gardens- We have heard that they are all so beautiful.
2) Pioneer Village- I actually know nothing of this, but Adrienne does.
3) Throw Party- Adrienne turns 20 in july, this is a BIG deal there will be a dance party FASHO
4) Volunteer at the Hogle Zoo- This would be so fun, and i have always wanted to work here, so might as well volunteer
5) Utah Museum of Fine Arts- Why haven't we already gone here.
6) Clark Planeterium-Adrienne and I are taking an awesome Astronomy class this semester, so this will be super interesting
7) Living Planet Aquarium- I don't know about this, nothing will ever compare to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so this may be a let down haha.
8) Salt Lake County Fair- SO last year we went on a group date here, and met FREAKING DAVID ARCHULETA, and yes i got to touch him, so i figured why would i not go again!
9) Museum of Ancient Life- Totally want to go here, a few of my friends have pictures on there facebook of it, and it looks so fun.
10) Lake Powell- we will find someone with a house boat haha
11) Park City- Spend a weekend here
12) Governors Mansion- free tours T, TH from 2-4.. June- August. taking advantage fir shure
13) Moab- see thos arches, always seems so cool
14) Music and the Spoken Word- So i wanted to go all the time last summer, but since i lived in Provo and it started at 9:00 am, i was like uhhh no thank you. but NOW since i live in SLC, Adrienne and I can go!
15) Climb the Y- This is a girls only event. I have asthma and Adrienne and I are just both going to be nasty haha so yeah no boys on this one.
16) Temple Square- I will live SO close to it, i have to take advantage too!
17) Great Salt Lake- I don't think I have ever been here, so its a must
18) Antelope Island- Also have zero idea what this is, but Adrienne wants to go so I will trust her.
19) Salt Flats- I l ove this place, it may smell but its so cool, plus they filmed part of Pirates there. intense i know.
20) EVERY TEMPLE- Our goal is to go to each temple,(and hopefully perform baptisms) in utah, so far I have only done the Provo, so here are the ones I still have to go to...
Salt Lake City
St. George
Jordan River

Lots of work to do!
21) Lagooon- so fun
22) Zions National Park- So close yet so far
23) Heber Railroad- I heard it makes an awesome date, or even to go in the winer for the polar express. woot!
24) Bryce Canyon- Once again, another NO BOYS excursion. I LOVE to hike. with Adrienne.
25) Tour Welfare Square- I honestly don't know what this is, but i passed it all the time going from Provo->SLC and vice versa
26) LAS VEGAS- yes I DO realize that its not in Utah.. but its SO close, and everyone says its fun, so why not.
27) Sexy Rexy- My sister and RILEY live here, and its a nice get away
28) Tubing- Go down the Provo River, I wanted to last summer SO bad, but never got a chance
29) Zipline- go to snowbird
30) Olympic Park- its in Park City so i guess that i could go when i go to Park City the first time haha.
That is THE END! Feel free to join us :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

About me..well right now at least

Sooo where to even begin!! I am 18, i live with my Dad, and awesome Stepmom..oh and my two little sister whom i LOVE! They live in Windsor, California(SANTA ROSA).. i Just moved here about a month ago or so.. before that i was living in El Dorado Hills, CA with my Aunt Kerry whil working at GAP and Subway(which is so much better than Quiznos..Shane..) I moved home to spend the last few weeks with my daddio who is my best friend ever.. I have alot to do before I move back to Utah.. oh speaking of which, that is where i lived before i moved in with my Aunt. I lived there for like 6 months i think? yeah around there, I moved back in January to rebuild my bank account, hate money. Anyways my to do list before i move back...
1. Learn to cook some more things
2. Make recipe book
3. Learn to drive in the freeway(sooo scared)
4. Get my license(yupp i AM 18 and no i DON'T have my license)
5. pack
Okay so not that much i guess but still. I am super excited to move back. But I have been having such a fun time being home! My family is so amazing.. I think evern though I am SO crazy excited, it will be hard to leave. But GUESS WHAT!? I get to go back to mis amigos!!! I have missed them so much. I had amazing frends there.. not to mention that i will be closer to Riley and Leah(my sister) who are Sexy Rexy. My flight is on May 19th, at 6 :30 am, but then i have a TWO HOUR layover in Los Angeles, then straight for SLC BABY!!! I will be attending LDSBC and NO i am NOT going into Business thank you. I am just taking generals this next year, I will eventually get my medical assisting degree. and nope i will not be a doctor or nurse, infact i may not do anything with it.. except work for a little bit while I hopefully attend BYU to get major in History then teach 8th grade History.. That is SO far off though so we'll see what happens from now till then won't we..